Hi there!

My name is Michela Petersen. I am a Dane (because I have Danish parents) that have lived all my life in Oregon, U.S.A, and I have recently moved to Aarhus, Denmark.
Since I have lived all my life in the United States, I am fluent in American-English.

I have a degree in General Studies, so I have a broad knowledge about many different topics from Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, American History, Chemistry, Biology, Creative Arts, and so much more. I also have three years of experience in Human Anatomy and Physiology.

I can tutor in English and of the topics above. I recently started learning Danish, so for now I only teach in English.
I am available at all times and all days. I can tutor online via Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, over the phone, or in person. If we meet in person we could meet at the Dokk 1 Library, or any public place of your choice.

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